Last week my wife, sister, cousin, and a very close friend went to see VOX’s "Pitty Pitty Bang Bang". Last year, as previously posted, I had the honor of performing in VOX’s G.I.M.P. NATION. Now that I have a better perspective of how much work it is to perform a VOX production, I am even more impressed with the dedication of the actors. The amount of months, weeks, days, and hours of rehearsal and performing would be grueling for anyone. The cast members do all this with the “benefit" of a disability. The passion for acting with the life saving emotion of the performers is unmatched by any I have witnessed. The performance that stood out for us was Lucy's soliloquy about her perception of Robin Williams passing. Her innate ability to project his probable state of mind in regards to his Parkinson’s diagnosis left the audience extremely emotional.

What I learned from both being an actor and an audience member was the importance of doing something I love to counter the challenges I face. It is so important for me to teach, speak, perform, help others and of course play golf for my own personal recovery.

My wife sent me a link “Ten Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently.” CLICK HERE. My personal favorite is number 8. “They see the world as their playhouse and their mind as the conductor.” I believe I can create the dream that I desire. The universe has taught me over and over how true this is. If you’re interested in following along, please read my future blogs and articles.

Have a great week and I will do my best to continue to provide
important resources and tools for those moving forward in recovery.

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