Once again, I am trying something new.  My mentor Chuck Hahn, who works for Aurora Small Business Development, is patiently trying to teach me all the nuances of Website Marketing. I have difficulty focusing and remembering what he is trying to teach me. I am overwhelmed by the complexity and "tricks of the trade" that exist in Social Media. I am hoping with this format that you will begin to recognize certain characteristics of bipolar 1 and be able to find the means and resources to provide the proper interventions. In hindsight, I wish I and or my loved ones had the information I will be providing. Many times when I speak about and show my film, people come up to me and say, "That looks just like my (father, brother, mother, etc...) Thank you so much for sharing.  You are so brave."  I always think to myself,"I would be a coward not to share the miracle of having my journey documented."  Therefore, I am now going to share my most private and painfully realistic writings and videos that have rarely be seen by anyone. I will be posting writings and video clips spanning crisis to recovery. I am hoping this will educate, inform and even entertain those interested in reading and watching.



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