My personal journey and education have taught me that when anything tragic happens in our society, judges and victims come to the surface. Robin Williams passing brought out a large share of both. There were those that reminded us of how painful depression can be or how selfish an act it is. Others told us of the injustices of stigma etc... Then of course there were those that tried to exploit his passing by asking for money or financial support to their cause.
What I found to be my most interesting thoughts were, "Why do people always talk about the suffering of depression, but hardly engage in discussion about the addictive behavior and the consequences of mania?" Growing up with all his characters and antics, I related to his love of the high of drugs or the increasing levels of mania. To watch him gather momentum as his mood rose was exhilarating to me. It was not until at the age of 47 did I understand the true consequences and accountability of chasing the highs. Sure, people flocked to the manic energy and I loved it. However, like most people with a psychoticmanic episode, we are left isolated, shamed, bankrupt, and full of guilt for all we did.
I am not writing this post for you to feel sorry for me as I thank my higher power all the time for my diagnose. I am doing this in the hopes I can help others prevent the potential catastrophic results of psychotic mania effecting themselves or loved ones. I am offering the free viewing of my documentary "A MAN-I-C" to anyone who contacts me to hopefully educate those interested in observing the progression of the illness.



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