For the longest time I have been wanting to get into cardio shape.  It would seem that every time I would put in an earnest effort something would prevent me from my goals.  My latest attempt was last April, when I went to the Aurora Adult Center to be processed through the system, so I could begin to workout.  The next day I went into the hospital with Atrial fibrillation, (AFIB), a heart arrhythmia.  Once again, someone in my brain was telling me I should not get in shape.  "Why bother, you will only get hurt again?", this particular member of the committee reminded me.

Today, after weeks of board meetings, the chairman decided it was a good day to begin the cycle again.  So I hopped on my new bi-cycle,  (no pun intended) and rode 5 miles while listening to the  Fun group channel on Pandora.  It was an incredible way to practice mindfulness and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have taught my classes that you can do any activity while focusing on your in and out breath and this should help the chatter in your mind.  I Hope this tool will help and I will keep you posted as to how the chairman of the board is making out. I am starting the process this time by telling the board that nothing will prevent me from achieving my goal. As I tell all my classes , I am just passing along the tools that have helped turn my life from the emotions of anger, jealously, hatred, self-doubt and anxiety, towards joy, respect, love, and contentment.  I hope through my education and life experiences that I can find a way to share with others the tools that were never presented to me by any of the countless psychiatrists or psychologist that worked with me.  Thanks for reading.

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