Jeff Zinn’s engaging style immediately puts people at ease as he invites them to join him in learning more about what makes us all human. He has been an amazing resource here at CHARG Resource Center, helping both our consumers who live with major mental illnesses as well as our professional staff, with the goal of developing mindfulness in our self-care. Jeff communicates the excitement of discovery in a group setting, not so much providing answers as setting in motion a process whereby people find their own answers in interactions with each other. Jeff’s personal experience coping with mental illness demonstrates how any of us can be successful, not just in spite of our challenges but because of them. Jeff’s powerful documentary tells the story of his own experience with bipolar illness. The film began as a profile of him as an entrepreneur, and serendipitously changes into a chronicle of his mental illness from its beginning. The film is a frank yet compassionate presentation of Jeff’s experiences and how mental illness impacted his family and friends. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a genuine, in-depth presentation of the impact of mental illness, along with his own inspiring example of how he has learned from his experiences and found his calling to help others in their quest for mental wellness. He has much wisdom to share, and we are all the better for it.

David D. Burgess, LCSW Executive Director, CHARG Resource Center,