Jeff Zinn’s story of mental illness and his path to Recovery has helped many throughout the mental health community

Jeff Zinn doesn’t talk about mental illness from an academic standpoint. He discusses ─ and through his documentary ─ shows his personal battle with bipolar 1 disorder. But it is Jeff’s story of hope, through his path to Recovery, that truly impacts audience members.

Workshop participants rave!
“The tools that Jeff shares can be life changing. His presentations teach you how to apply his Recovery tools to everyday life.”

“After participating in Jeff’s workshop, I have started to see my choices differently. Before, when something happened, I felt that my reactions just happened. Now I see my reactions as choices.”

“Jeff gave us simple tools to use every day. He presents with great compassion and real-life examples.”

“Jeff, you do an amazing job, and you’re a wonderful addition to the Aurora Strong Resilience Center program. Thank you for all that you do.”

Praise for Jeff Zinn’s work with mental health organizations

Bring Change 2 Mind has worked with Jeff Zinn to end stigma and discrimination in Colorado. Jeff, and his cousin Nancy Alterman led our most successful BC2M/NAMI walk for two years, and we are so grateful for their support. In his film and in his presentations, Jeff shares an intimate view of his struggle with bipolar disorder and his journey to wellness and advocacy. It is through personal stories such as this that we will collectively accomplish our mission to educate and raise awareness about mental health and, ultimately, end stigma and discrimination.

Pamela Harrington, Executive Director,