Keynotes and Experiential Workshops for Providers

Jeff Zinn shares his story and insights on mental illness ─ punctuated by actual video footage ─ and a set of proven Recovery tools

Jeff Zinn hit rock-bottom as a result of his bipolar 1 disorder. He was hospitalized ─ three times ─ and treated for bipolar 1, acute stress, anxiety and psychotic features. Treatment for these disorders lasted nearly a decade before his studies and training led him to discover Recovery tools.

As a professional speaker who is certified in psychiatric rehabilitation, Jeff shares this message with providers: Treatment and Recovery must go hand-in-hand. That’s why – in every keynote and experiential workshop – Jeff teaches providers Recovery tools to share with their patients, so they can discover a life of peace, joy and purpose.


A Rare Glimpse: Jeff Zinn shares his story of mental illness, captured on video, and his proven Recovery tools
Treatment of mental illness enables patients to get a handle on their disease – while Recovery enables them to live a life of peace, joy and purpose. According to SAMSHA, Recovery leads to a dramatic shift in positive outcomes. In this memorable, content-rich keynote, Jeff Zinn shares the unvarnished truth about his own mental illness, punctuated by actual video footage of a documentary filmed while he was in the throes of a psychotic episode. Plus, attendees learn Recovery tools they can use to assist their patients on the path to Recovery.

The takeaways? In addition to gaining insights from Jeff’s story and stirring clips from his documentary, A MAN-I-C, providers will learn a proven set of Recovery tools:
How treatment and Recovery go hand-in-hand
how to apply the concept of Don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 Agreements to Recovery
the importance of mindfulness in Recovery and exercises to achieve this


Meeting Planner: Jeff Zinn integrates the documentary chronicling his mental illness and Recovery to give providers valuable insights tools and tools to share with their patients. Jeff’s experiential workshops can be half day or full day, tailored to your group’s needs.

Rare insights: Hear Jeff Zinn’s story of mental illness, watch his documentary, and experience his proven Recovery tools
Fueled by unchecked ego and manic behavior, Jeff Zinn hired a film crew to document his success in the apparel industry. Ironically, this documentary recorded his psychotic episode and, later, his path to Recovery. This documentary, A MAN-I-C, is integrated into this workshop to illustrate Jeff’s experiences and shed light on mental illness. In addition, providers learn a set of proven Recovery tools for their patients.

Depending on workshop length, attendees will:

  • Watch the documentary and follow Jeff through his illness and Recovery to gain insights from his personal experience.
  • Participate in a dynamic Q&A session with Jeff candidly discussing his experiences with mental illness, treatment, continuing Recovery and mental wellness.
  • Learn – and experience – a proven set of Recovery tools and how to use these tools to assist your patients on the path to Recovery.

Perfect for these groups:

  • Professional associations, mental health organizations and clinics, hospitals
  • All medical doctors including psychiatrists and primary care physicians
  • Psychologists, counselors, mental health trainers and specialists
  • Physician assistants
  • Nursing staff

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