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Gain unique insight into mental disorders: Jeff Zinn’s perspective on mental illness isn’t academic ─ it’s personal

Jeff Zinn, Recovery Speaker & Facilitator

Jeff Zinn has built a reputation as an inspiring and knowledgeable professional speaker and facilitator in the field of mental disorders and Recovery. What sets Jeff apart? His direct experience with mental illness, unique perspective and psychiatric training. More important, Jeff is on the path to Recovery and is teaching others to do the same.

At age 47 Jeff was diagnosed with bipolar 1, acute stress and anxiety. In his keynotes and experiential workshops, Jeff does more than just talk about his illness. He shows his audience members what it looks like.

As fate would have it, just before his first psychotic episode ─ and fueled by an unchecked ego and manic behavior ─ Jeff hired a film crew to document his rocketing success as a new business owner in the apparel industry. He hoped to show this documentary to industry insiders and prospective investors.

Instead, the film crew captured Jeff’s first psychotic episode – and followed Jeff for the next 12 years of his life as he struggled with his illness, another psychotic episode and his eventual path to Recovery. The documentary, titled A MAN-I-C, is a raw and unvarnished account of mental disorder. (Click to watch A MAN-I-C.)

Following his first psychotic episode and hospitalization, Jeff was declared permanently disabled. He lost his family, career and fortune to his disorder. At one point, he was homeless and penniless. For 9 years, Jeff was treated for his disorder during which time he held a number of jobs, just to make ends meet.

Everything changed when Jeff entered a new phase with his illness: Recovery. Jeff firmly believes, and is living proof, that Recovery from mental disorder is possible. In fact, Jeff asserts that Recovery must go hand-in-hand with treatment. Jeff dedicates his life to helping others learn his 3 tools for Recovery to live a life of peace, joy and purpose.

Today, Jeff Zinn continues to be a living example of Recovery. He shares his message with providers, mental health organizations and the general public. Jeff lives with his wife in Denver, Colorado. When not speaking to groups about mental illness and Recovery, Jeff enjoys spending time with his two sons and on the golf course, perfecting his game.

Jeff Zinn’s education and career highlights:

  • UMDNJ Scotch Plains, NJ, Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • NAMI Monmouth County, NJ, Support Group Training
  • CSP-NJ Wellness Coaching, Freehold, NJ, Certificate in Wellness Coaching
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Communications and Psychology courses
  • Aurora Mental Health Center, Family Peer Specialist
  • NAMI Colorado, In Our Own Voice, Speaker
  • Colorado Mental Wellness Network, Board Member
  • Mental Health America of Colorado, Auction Committee for Annual fundraiser
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, Peer Support Specialist
  • Freehold Self-Help Center, Freehold, Group Facilitator
  • NAMI Monmouth County, NJ, In Our Own Voice, Speaker
  • Director of Sales/USA, Sport Collection of Canada! New York, NY
  • Co-owner, Rebecca Jones, New York, NY
  • President, CM Shapes, New York, NY

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