“Untreated: Jeff Zinn’s struggle with bipolar disorder”

9 News Story about Jeff Zinn


A MAN-I-C – The true story of Jeff Zinn's 12-year journey to hell and back from Manhattan millionaire executive in the garment center and his fall from grace as he loses everything--including his family, money, friends, health, and sanity--due to his manic behavior. KUSA - Jeff Zinn thought he was on top of the world, but his world was really falling apart. In 2001, Zinn was launching his own clothing line in New York City and he wanted to hype it up. "Originally I wanted to have a camera crew film the gala event which was a fashion show," he recalls, "so I could send it to my buyers and to prospective investors."But the video captured something else. Zinn was going through a hyper-manic episode. read more

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