It is all about belief

Good Morning everyone,  I believe in me therefore I believe in you.  It is all about belief

I would like to give everyone an opportunity to know what is going on in my life and pray 4 me as I pray for all of you every night and day.  If you do not want my prayers I am sorry I sent you this email.  If you never want to hear from me again, I understand.  If you hate me I understand.  If you love me I understand.  If you want to help others, I understand.  If you want to hurt people I understand.  In fact I understand all of those opposites about everything because I live all of those every day.  I also understand that I truly will never understand any of you because I only can possible understand myself.

The only reality I could possible understands is my own.  If you do not understand this then I apologize for anything I ever did wrong for you.  I love everyone, I always will and I always did.  I also hate all of you.  I always did and I always will.  I can’t control that because that I am believe is the nature of the universe.  My Zinniverse.  I can’t say what any of you really are about.   I can only know me.  I also know therefore I have no right to tell you what you should do in your life.  I know you are capable of being anything that I think you are.  I also know there is no way I would know what you are about.  I am known by all of you as Love and Hate.

I know that I love and hate all of you more than anyone I have seen in my viszinn.  Not yours.  Actually it is yours I believe I see.  I know that  I charge people more than anyone I have seen period.  Why do I know that because you all charge me back with as much hate or love as anyone I see.  If you agree with me you are wrong.  I will get back from you as much as I give to you.  You will take from me as much as I give.  I hope that you’re finally getting it.  I wish that everyone loved me but I know now that is impossible.  if we can learn to try and get to love faster, I believe we will all be happier.  That is why they call me The MAN-I C,…The Man I see because It really is not about it me at all it is about the man u see.  Now if you believed that you still do not understand.  Because the only reality I know is what I know.

The only reality you know is what you know.  I do not know what you know.  If you want to try and know what I know I have and will be giving you zinnenough zinnformation for you to see me as I see me on Zinnternet soon.  Now if you believed that you must still not understand what I am writing.  I only know that this email is zinnintended to show I love you and hate you and will tell you that in truth as I see it.  I only hope you really understand that I am trying to stay focused on loving you.  According to what I have learned in 55 years that love comes from the heart and evil comes from the mind or the ego.

You still don’t understand.  How do I know I am 55?  You all told me that I do not know it for myself.  Most of you know I have more air in my astrological chart than anyone on the planet.  Therefore it make sense, according to my belief that I am attracting that what I lack.  Water and earth.  love and tranquility.  The best way for me to get that is to give off energy and thought.  Please understand that I am truly trying to love you as much as I can.  I am what I am and will never change.  As I continually tell you everyone you can’t stop me.  No one can stop me except of course me.  So please do not tell me what is best for me because you have no idea.  Only I know what is best 4 me and only I can try and charge you to see what is in your heart.  I do not want to know what is in your head.

I know that the ego and negative charge lives in there for me.  I know that love is in my heart for all of you.  So once again I would like to tell you all  right now I live in love and want to tell myself that I love me and therefore I love you all because I only know what I know.  I am what I am.  I am therefore perfect because I know who I am.  Thank God I am Manic.  I know I CAN do anything I believe in.

Love and Hate to all of you and I hope that you all Love and hate me back equally because only then will I know who you truly are.  The person I see in you is only the Man I see in Me.


Jeff Zinn

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