November 5th marked the one month anniversary of my marriage to Denise Finn-Zinn. I am still processing the fact that I am married to this incredible woman. My life had been full of disappointment, heartache, and abandonment when it came to women. Denise is my third wife and my most cherished love. I have never been able to accept the kind of love that Denise shares with me. I never thought I was worthy of such adoration. I now realize that I did not love myself and for good reason. It took the universe to show me how unconscious I really was. Sure, I had the money, cars, great job, and a slew of supposed friends. What I was lacking was a purpose and the pleasure I get from giving back to society. It took a sledge-hammer from the universe to change my life's direction.

Today I embrace my diagnosis from being an illness to an asset. I used to think possessions qualified a life worth living. Now I consider how many lives I can change or help as a more accurate measure of my success and happiness. This morning I met with Sheriff David C. Watcher of Arapahoe County to find ways in which I can be more involved in the community I live in. I look forward to being more involved with my community and hope to have the opportunity to become a positive influence for others.

I am inserting a video I hope you enjoy from an out take of our wedding.

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