First of all, I want to thank all subscribers, people who have been clicking onto this site, and any new users. Second, I am feeling extremely inspired by having the opportunity of not only MC'ing CHARG'S 25th anniversary but experiencing it. I had the honor of sharing the stage with the recipients of CHARG'S award winners, my Co-MC, (Chrissie Hodges) and having a bird's eye view of the reactions of the audience. I found myself mesmerized by the incredible speeches about personal recovery and the sacrifice/dedication to CHARG. The most moving for me was when David Burgess was given his heart award. I was deeply impressed by his humble demeanor for someone who has accomplished so much.
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One of the greatest pleasure of the eventing was being on stage with former fir
st lady of Colorado, Jeannie Ritter. I am always amazed at her relentless energy, total commitment, and advocacy for Colorado mental heath. As one can see in the photo, I physically tower over her. However, It is I who would love to stand as tall as she does with her accomplishments.

To celebrate and honor all those involved with CHARG and my continued commitment to helping others, I am inviting you to view my documentary, "A MAN-I-C"  for free this week. I hope that the you will witness first hand the raw footage of what it is like for individuals and their loved one to live with and or recover from a severe mental illness. This film took 13 years to completed. Without the support of numerous individuals this film would have never been completed. Please feel free to send comments.

In the future I hope to add various short webisodes to further demonstrate the real-time effects of the illness, recovery tools, and my present thoughts about what was going through my mind at the time. Also, clips will include detailed accounts of dealing with my illness from family members, co-workers, psychiatrist, and friends.

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  1. Nancy Alterman
    Excellent! I love what you had to say about Jeannie!
    • Jeff Zinn
      Thank you Cuzz. I am meeting her Friday for coffee. Very excited.

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