Jeff Zinn’s Documentary

A MAN-I-C: Jeff Zinn’s documentary reveals his slide into mania and his path beyond treatment to Recovery

Shortly before his first psychotic episode, Jeff Zinn hired a film crew to document his apparel company’s launch of a new line of women’s clothing. Ironically, the timing couldn’t have been better. Instead of capturing the successful launch of the clothing brand, the film crew captured Jeff’s extreme mania and total breakdown.

This documentary is the true story of Jeff Zinn’s 12-year journey from millionaire executive in Manhattan’s garment district to a sought-after speaker and facilitator on the topic of Recovery. Jeff lost everything – his family, money, friends, health, and sanity – due to mental illness. But once he learned the tools necessary for Recovery, he began to live a life of joy, happiness and love.

This incredible documentary features footage of Jeff’s emotional and heartbreaking battle with bipolar 1 disorder. Witness the inspirational resilience of a man looking to make a change through Recovery as he hits bottom and battles his way to a life rich with peace, joy and purpose.

Once you watch this documentary, you’ll understand why Jeff’s perspective on mental illness is so unique and why audiences are so impacted by his keynotes and experiential workshops

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Reviews of A MAN-I-C

“Bring Change 2 Mind has worked with Jeff Zinn to end stigma and discrimination in Colorado. Jeff, and his cousin Nancy Alterman led our most successful BC2M/NAMI walk for two years, and we are so grateful for their support. In his film and in his presentations, Jeff shares an intimate view of his struggle with bipolar disorder and his journey to wellness and advocacy. It is through personal stories such as this that we will collectively accomplish our mission to educate and raise awareness about mental health and, ultimately, end stigma and discrimination.”

– Pamela Harrington, Executive Director

“Jeff Zinn has volunteered for NAMI Colorado, serving in a number of capacities. As a presenter in the Our Own Voice program he has helped reduce the stigma in the community. Jeff is also a Peer-to-Peer mentor, one of the first in Colorado, and a State Trainer for the program. NAMI Colorado is committed to growing our programs, and Jeff has been an instrumental part of the team that is making it a reality. Jeff tells a compelling story in both formal presentations and informal discussions.

– Scott Glaser, Executive Director

“Jeff Zinn’s engaging style immediately puts people at ease as he invites them to join him in learning more about what makes us all human. He has been an amazing resource here at CHARG Resource Center, helping both our consumers who live with major mental illnesses as well as our professional staff, with the goal of developing mindfulness in our self-care. Jeff communicates the excitement of discovery in a group setting, not so much providing answers as setting in motion a process whereby people find their own answers in interactions with each other. Jeff’s personal experience coping with mental illness demonstrates how any of us can be successful, not just in spite of our challenges but because of them. Jeff’s powerful documentary tells the story of his own experience with bipolar illness. The film began as a profile of him as an entrepreneur, and serendipitously changes into a chronicle of his mental illness from its beginning. The film is a frank yet compassionate presentation of Jeff’s experiences and how mental illness impacted his family and friends. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a genuine, in-depth presentation of the impact of mental illness, along with his own inspiring example of how he has learned from his experiences and found his calling to help others in their quest for mental wellness. He has much wisdom to share, and we are all the better for it.

– David D. Burgess, LCSW Executive Director, CHARG Resource Center

“Jeff displays remarkable courage by showing his documentary, and his openness about his bipolar disorder. Jeff Zinn’s documentary is a window into the pain and devastation that many people go through in mania and depression – a window that many have never seen. While it can be painful to watch, the documentary humanizes what it is like to have bipolar disorder. It also illustrates the devastating effect it has on families and those close to the sufferer. And it also shows the hopefulness of Recovery and the contentment that Jeff has found. The simplicity of contentment is a true gift.”

- ’Nita Brown, Former Vice President, NAMI Colorado Board, NAMI Colorado

“In a time when the mentally ill are used as scapegoats for tragedies in our nation, Jeff Zinn’s documentary lends an amazing dose of reality. Those who suffer from severe mental illness are not to blame for tragedy. Nobody is. We must take care and notice of all. This documentary is the quintessence of mental illness and should be viewed by all capable of garnering some truth from it.

– Zachary Arthur Rumlow, University of Colorado student studying biochemistry