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A sought-after speaker, Jeff Zinn shares his unique story, candid insights and proven Recovery tools

Jeff Zinn takes a no-holds-barred approach to his public speaking. Unlike other professional speakers, Jeff does not simply talk about metal illness. He shares his own experiences with mental illness – and drives home his points with actual footage of his psychotic episodes from his documentary, A MAN-I-C.

In addition, in every keynote and workshop, Jeff shares a proven set of Recovery tools that clinicians can teach their patients, so they can achieve a path to Recovery and discover a life of peace, joy and purpose.

Jeff’s professionalism, warmth, and compelling personal story – combined with the Recovery tools he shares – make him a sought-after speaker for a wide range of audiences.

Speaking Client List:

    "Jeff has been an incredible asset to the CHARG Resource Center and the board of directors. He provides a courageous, open hearted and inspiring approach to mental illness. His story demonstrates the type recovery and healing that the mental health community should strive toward for all its consumers. His dynamic and involving presentations and workshops have been educational and rejuvenating forces for our board members, staff, and consumers. Jeff brings more than charismatic leadership.  He also has  deep insights into mental illness, and has compassionate and innovative peer counseling strategies. He also offers a truly valuable dedication to helping other people living with mental illness. His commitment makes an exciting and energizing person to work with."
    - Sarah Bardwell, President, HEART Board of Directors

    "“Jeff’s engaging style immediately puts people at ease as he invites them to join him in learning more about what makes us all human. He has been an amazing resource here at CHARG Resource Center, helping both our consumers who live with major mental illnesses as well as our professional staff to examine how and why we do what we do, toward the goal of developing mindfulness in our self-care. He communicates the excitement of discovery in a group setting, not so much providing answers as setting in motion a process whereby people find their own answers in interactions with each other.

    Jeff’s own personal experience coping with mental illness demonstrates how any of us can be successful, not just in spite of our challenges but because of them. He has produced a very powerful documentary film which tells the story of his own experience with bipolar illness. The film began as a profile of him as an entrepreneur, and serendipitously changed into a chronicle of his mental illness from its beginning. This film was shown at a recent retreat of our board and staff members, and we were all impressed with its frank but compassionate presentation of Jeff’s experiences and of the impact of his mental illness on his family and friends. One comes away from this film with a renewed appreciation of the resilience of the human spirit

    I highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a genuine, in-depth presentation of the impact of mental illness, along with his own inspiring example of how he has learned from his experiences and found his calling in assisting others in their own quest for mental wellness. He has much wisdom to share, and we are all the better for it.”"
    - David D. Burgess, LCSW Executive Director, CHARG Resource Center

    "“Jeff, I admire your courage in completing your documentary, and being so open about what you have been through with bipolar disorder. The documentary is a window into the pain and devastation that many people go through in mania and depression – a window that many have never seen. Knowing you and having a brother with bipolar, it was very painful to watch. The documentary humanizes what it is like to have bipolar. Having your family and especially your sons be part of it made it even more relevant by showing how devastating it also is to the family. It is wonderful to see your eyes clear and bright in recovery. I appreciate all of the work that you are doing to help people affected by mental illness. I know your work is life changing for many.

    I am so pleased for you and your family that you are in such a good place in your recovery, and that you have found contentment. The simplicity of contentment is a true gift.”"
    - ‘Nita Brown, Former Vice President, NAMI Colorado Board

  • CHARG Capital Hill Activities and Recreation Group
  • CHARG Resource Center
  • Denver Health & Hospital Authority
  • Peer University/Aurora Mental Health Center
  • Behavioral Healthcare/Rise University
  • Porter Hospital Denver, Co
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Denver Police Department/ Crisis
  • Intervention Training
  • Carson Spencer Thomas Foundation
  • Janssen
  • Amboy Care Center
  • PSEG Health Day
  • Greater Trenton Behavioral
  • Catholic Charities
  • Brighter Days
  • YWCA
  • Rescue Mission
  • Homefront
  • Monmouth County Library
  • Family to Family
  • NAMI Mercer
  • Rumson Fair Haven High School
  • Woman's Space
  • Department of Transportation
  • The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville
  • Greater Trenton Behavioral
  • Rider University
  • RWJ of Hamilton
  • Greater Trenton Behavioral Health Care
  • Mercer County Connection
  • CONTACT Volunteers
  • Mercer County College
  • American Univeristy
  • University
  • Denver Police Precinct
  • Regis University
  • La Quinta
  • Atonement Lutheran Church
  • Metro State
  • St. Gabriel Church
  • Senior Living Center
  • Regis University
  • CU Denver Stars Program
  • UC Denver
  • Porter Hospital
  • Aurora Medical Center HealthOne
  • Denver First Church

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