Recent Publicity

Denise, my life partner, and I sat anxiously as we waited to watch the channel 9 news story about my journey and documentary. I was told it would be on channel 20 at 9pm and channel 9 at 10pm. The numbers kept juggling around in my mind. Was it channel 9 at 9pm? Was it…
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Time, I Now Call You Friend

I’ve learned more about recovery from severe mental illness in the last two months than during the approximate ten years since my original diagnosis, hospitalization, and crisis intervention in New York City for bi-polar 1 disorder, acute stress, and anxiety. (more…)
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Thank God I… am MAN-ic

My wife and I sat nervously awaiting the psychiatrist to call us into her office. I was anxious to see this doctor, as I’d been trying to get my wife to seek marriage counseling with me for months. The fifteen-minute wait seemed like hours as we sat glaring at each other. I was sure the…
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